LED Manufacturers


In order to adapt to the market development as well as to better serve the overseas customers, Chinahong.org is to expand the field of new LED market. Funded by Wan Ming integration, Chinahong is a new overseas sales company, which specialized in LED indoor light, LED outdoor lights LED and LED display selling to overseas clients as well as the after-sales support.

Wan Ming is a Group of companies which specialized in Metal Processing, Traditional Light, LED light, Bathing products. With the support from Wan Ming, the customers will trust us much more. For the present, there are many factories stop production or bankrupt because of poor operation, and this make the clients lose much money. If you let us take care of everything, this situation will never happen because of Wan Ming’s powerful strength and Guarantee.

The most important work of Chinahong is serving the foreign customers, dealing with the various issues between the customers and their Chinese Suppliers. As we are very familiar with the Chinese LED market, so we can integrate the factories with strong power of R&D and production, furthermore, we can get the best prices from these factories. When the clients come to China to visit the factories, CHINAHONG can aks the related colleagues to follow up & arrange everything to avoid their confusion & mis-trust resulted from the unknown about China and its LED industry. At the same time, we help the customer on the order follow up, shipment, product complaints and after service.

Hot LED Outdoor Lighting Products

  • LED High Bay Light Series H------30W 50W 80W

    LED High Bay LightingLED High Bay LampLED High Bay Lights30W LED High Bay Light30W LED High Bay Light
  • LED Flood Light Series C------30W 50W

    LED Flood LightingLED Flood LampLED Flood Lights30W LED Flood Light30W LED Flood Light

LED Indoor Lighting Products

LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb led down light led downlight
CH-B07D58B-E27 CH-B09D58C-E27 CH-B05D085B CH-B07D105A
led downlight led down light led downlight LED Candle Lights
CH-B10D108C CH-C09D038B-G24 CH-C09D170B-G24 CH-B04D43B-E14
LED Spotlight LED Spot light led spot lights LED Ceiling Light
CH-S07D95B-E27 CH-S09D111D-G53 CH-S05D63B-E27 CH-F06D140A

LED Applications

  • LED Applications---Home Lighting
    The distribution of lamps with different types of illumination can get a good mood in the room. If you want your room to look nice, cozy and beautiful even at night, you may want to start using a good combination of LED Down Light, Spotlight, Bulb, LED Tube.
  • LED Applications---Hotel Lighting
    Because less heat than traditional lights, which means they have longer lifespan. LED lights have outstanding advantages of low maintenance cost, high brightness, energy conservation, convenient installation, green environmental protection and ultra high efficiency
  • LED Applications---Shop Window Lighting
    A good lighting solution to a shop window will draw in potential customers or the passersby. It creates a pleasant environment and adds to the visibility and visual impact of the displays. The LED Down Light is embedded in the ceiling and the ray is shot down.
  • LED Applications---Shopping Center Lighting
    Shopping center need to rely on bright, high quality lighting to highlight goods, which attract customers into the store, then let the customer produce the purchase desire. Lighting can help show the appearance and quality, the price standards and service, thus let customers better understand the cost performance of products.